4TH APRIL 2019 -31ST MAY


Presenting the finest and most
innovative work in contemporary art
glass and sculpture, showcasing both
Australian and international artists.

Andrej Jakab (Slovakia)
Satoshi Nishizaki (Japan)
Li Wen (China)
He Hui (China)
Jeff Cunningham (United Kingdom)
Nicholas Doran Adams (Australia)
Alexandra Fraser-Smith (Australia)
Anne Sorensen (Australia)
Melinda Soltesz (Hungary)

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Canterbury VIC 3126 Australia
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Image by David Paterson-

Artwork by Alexandra Frasersmith

 Magnify Me 2019, Kilnformed slumped glass.


NOV 2017


Bio Mimic showcases the work of five Canberra artists whose work is united by the twin themes of bio-mimesis and vessels. Bio-mimesis is a design practice that explores construction methods and systems of biological life. Collectively, the artists query the natural world for shapes, textures and construction methods that are translated into the creation of vessel objects. Using glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, textiles, wax and found objects the featured artists include Alexandra Frasersmith, Angela Baker, Danielle Day, Sarah Murphy and Tara Bromham

Image by David Paterson

Artwork by Alexandra Frasersmith

Magnify Me I II III, 2017, cast glass



FEB 2019


Interchange is a collaborative group exhibition featuring the work of members of Ausglass and the New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass (NZSAG).  This exhibition is a satellite event to compliment the Ausglass/NZSAG hosted COLAB Conference taking place in Whanganui, New Zealand; between February 15th - 17th, 2019.  Interchange provided a chance for Ausglass and NZSAG members to build upon their existing working relationships in the lead up to the COLAB Conference.  Interchange will create an opportunity for Australian audiences to gain an insight into the collaborative approach behind the COLAB initiative, extending the reach of the conference to an international audience.
Curator: Sarah Norris

Image by David Patterson-

Artwork by Alexandra Frasersmith

Tracked 2019, Kilnformed slumped glass.

40x14x5cm panels



Alex Frasersmith_D0A5956.jpg

 AUG 2017


Alexandra Frasersmith is an emerging glass artist. She works in lost wax cast glass, which is inspired by the fluid states of both glass and water. Originally from drought affected regional NSW

"Through the mediums of lost wax glass casting, text and works on paper, I aim to study the serendipitous movement of how water carves its path through nature, and create work that evokes a similar pool of identifiable emotion.

The method of glass Casting provides a crystal-clear snapshot of a liquid state, now frozen in time, to allow for emotional reflection and introspection framed in a variety of ways. Pools, streams, ponds, lagoons, bays and seas."

Image by David Paterson

Artwork by Alexnadra Frasersmith

Undercurrent (arches)- detail

Open face cast glass. 325mm x 120mm x 17.5mm